Time is ticking away to take advantage of significant discounts on Amazon Alexa smart speakers as Black Friday approaches.

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Amazon’s Echo speakers are highly regarded as top-tier smart home devices. A remarkable deal on one of the latest additions to the Alexa product line, the Amazon Echo Pop, has captured our attention. However, to secure the lowest-ever price for the Amazon Echo Pop, you’ll need to act swiftly.

Presently, shoppers in the UK can acquire the Echo Pop smart speaker for an astonishingly low price of £17.99, marking the lowest rate ever offered by Amazon. The Echo Pop was initially priced at £44.99 when it was launched in May. But be quick to grab this offer, as the price will increase after 9 a.m. on Tuesday, 17th October.

You can purchase the Amazon Echo Pop for £17.99.

For even greater value, Amazon has reduced the price of its Echo Dot smart speaker to just £21.99, down from the original £54.99, giving you a significant £33 discount. The Echo Dot offers enhanced audio quality and features a temperature sensor to monitor your home’s temperature, distinguishing it from the Echo Pop.

You can purchase the Amazon Echo Dot for £21.99.

The Echo Pop is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a compact speaker that can connect to Spotify, Amazon Music, or Apple Music for music streaming through voice commands to Amazon’s built-in voice assistant, Alexa. And it’s even more appealing at this discounted price.

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Additionally, you have the option to instruct Alexa to play any BBC radio station or podcast from BBC Sounds, set an alarm for your wake-up time, pose questions on a wide range of topics, or connect it with other smart home devices, like light bulbs, allowing you to control your lighting using voice commands.

The Echo Pop is available in striking colors like lavender and teal, as well as more understated silver and black. At the incredibly low price of £17.99, which is a 60% reduction from the recommended retail price (RRP), you might consider getting multiple units to place throughout your home if you’ve ever contemplated setting up a smart home. Alternatively, if you already own Amazon Echo devices, now might be the perfect time to expand your collection.

This fantastic offer could serve as a great Christmas present, especially if you prefer to complete your holiday shopping well in advance. However, don’t wait too long, as this deal will expire very shortly.

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