On Thursday, Norway’s data regulator announced its intention to escalate the fine it levied against Meta Platforms (META.O) to the European data authority. This action could potentially result in the fine becoming permanent and being extended to cover the European Union. Meta Platforms, which owns Facebook and Instagram, has been facing daily fines of one million crowns ($93,000) since August 14th for a three-month period. These fines were imposed due to privacy violations involving the collection of user data for targeted advertising purposes.

The business model known as behavioral advertising is widely adopted by major tech companies.

Norway’s regulator, Datatilsynet, is currently forwarding its ruling to the European Data Protection Board, and if the board concurs with Datatilsynet’s decision, it could become a lasting one.

In a statement, the regulator explained, “Datatilsynet has requested a conclusive decision from the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) regarding the Meta case.”

“In our request, we are urging for the Norwegian ban on behavior-based marketing on Facebook and Instagram to be turned into a permanent measure and expanded to cover the entire EU/EEA.”

It’s worth noting that while Norway is not a member of the EU, it participates in the European single market.

This move follows Meta’s unsuccessful attempt to obtain a temporary injunction against Datatilsynet’s fine.

Meta has stated that it had previously committed to seeking user consent and criticized Datatilsynet for using a rushed process that it deemed unnecessary and insufficient in terms of allowing the company adequate time to respond.

Meta has not responded immediately to a request for comment regarding Datatilsynet’s determination.

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Datatilsynet has expressed concerns about the timing and method of Meta’s approach to obtaining user consent, highlighting that users’ rights are currently being compromised.

(Conversion rate: $1 = 10.7328 Norwegian crowns)

Reported by Gwladys Fouche; edited by Terje Solsvik

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