If you’re frustrated with your current broadband speeds, a new service launching this week might significantly improve your situation.

BT broadband customers looking for the fastest download speeds should consider switching to EE, the company’s renowned 5G mobile network. BT, a telecommunications provider, is evolving into a comprehensive connectivity service, introducing top-tier broadband as part of its rebranding efforts.

The EE upgrade now provides the fastest broadband speeds ever in the UK

EE’s broadband speed enhancement

EE claims that this broadband service will be the fastest in the UK, offering speeds exceeding 1.5Gbps. At this incredible speed, you can download a full HD movie in less than 30 seconds, which is approximately 20 times faster than the current UK average.

To access this service, your area needs to have full-fibre (FTTP) broadband infrastructure. However, the service is priced at £69.99 per month, so it’s not considered a budget option. If you’re willing to pay this fee and have FTTP availability in your area, the service becomes available for purchase on October 20.

Additionally, EE mentions that subscribers will have access to exclusive mobile savings. For the first time, they can add unlimited data SIMs with flexible 30-day subscriptions starting at just £10 per month.

EE is not only offering significantly faster broadband, but subscribers will also receive an enhanced Wi-Fi router. This router, known as the Smart Hub Plus, incorporates advanced technology to ensure comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout homes.

Additionally, users can opt for the Smart Hybrid Connect feature, which ensures a continuous internet connection, even in cases of fixed-line broadband disruptions. This is achieved through an automatic switch to EEs 4G network, providing uninterrupted connectivity during outages.

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The service includes comprehensive parental controls, the ability to temporarily pause Wi-Fi to prevent family members from streaming, and security features like Advanced Web Protection to ensure secure browsing sessions.

Marc Allera, CEO of EE, expressed his pride in the launch of a new platform in the UK that is open to all and will significantly enhance the customer experience beyond just connectivity.

He mentioned that the EE brand is evolving while simultaneously introducing high-speed broadband, excellent value convergence, and exciting new TV services, emphasizing their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.


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