In a ceremony based on old custom, King Charles III was crowned in Westminster Abbey and received the glittering St. Edward’s Crown at a time when the monarchy was attempting to fit in with a divided contemporary Britain.

The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, in which the monarch shares power with a constitutionally organized government. The reigning king or queen is the country’s head of state. All political power rests with the prime minister (the head of government) and the cabinet, and the monarch must act on their advice.

The table provides a chronological list of the sovereigns of Britain.

Sovereigns of Britain
Kings of Wessex (West Saxons)
name dynasty or house reign
1Athelstan was king of Wessex and the first king of all England.
2 James VI of Scotland also became James I of England in 1603. Upon accession to the English throne, he styled himself “King of Great Britain” and was so proclaimed. Legally, however, he and his successors held separate English and Scottish kingships until the Act of Union of 1707, when the two kingdoms were united as the Kingdom of Great Britain.
3 TheUnited Kingdom was formed on January 1, 1801, with the union of Great Britain and Ireland. After 1801 George III was styled “King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.”
4 Oliver and Richard Cromwell served as lords and protectors of England, Scotland, and Ireland during the Republican Commonwealth.
5 William and Mary, as husband and wife, reigned jointly until Mary’s death in 1694. William then reigned alone until his own death in 1702.
6 George IV was regent from February 5, 1811.
7 In 1917, during World War I, George V changed the name of his house from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor.
8 Edward VIII succeeded upon the death of his father, George V, on January 20, 1936, but abdicated on December 11, 1936, before coronation.
Egbert Saxon 802–839
Aethelwulf (Ethelwulf) Saxon 839–856/858
Aethelbald (Ethelbald) Saxon 855/856–860
Aethelberht (Ethelbert) Saxon 860–865/866
Aethelred I (Ethelred) Saxon 865/866–871
Alfred the Great Saxon 871–899
Edward the Elder Saxon 899–924
Sovereigns of England
name dynasty or house reign
Athelstan1 Saxon 925–939
Edmund I Saxon 939–946
Eadred (Edred) Saxon 946–955
Eadwig (Edwy) Saxon 955–959
Edgar Saxon 959–975
Edward the Martyr Saxon 975–978
Ethelred II the Unready (Aethelred) Saxon 978–1013
Sweyn Forkbeard Danish 1013–14
Ethelred II the Unready (restored) Saxon 1014–16
Edmund II Ironside Saxon 1016
Canute Danish 1016–35
Harold I Harefoot Danish 1035–40
Hardecanute Danish 1040–42
Edward the Confessor Saxon 1042–66
Harold II Saxon 1066
William I the Conqueror Norman 1066–87
William II Norman 1087–1100
Henry I Norman 1100–35
Stephen Blois 1135–54
Henry II Plantagenet 1154–89
Richard I Plantagenet 1189–99
John Plantagenet 1199–1216
Henry III Plantagenet 1216–72
Edward I Plantagenet 1272–1307
Edward II Plantagenet 1307–27
Edward III Plantagenet 1327–77
Richard II Plantagenet 1377–99
Henry IV Plantagenet: Lancaster 1399–1413
Henry V Plantagenet: Lancaster 1413–22
Henry VI Plantagenet: Lancaster 1422–61
Edward IV Plantagenet: York 1461–70
Henry VI (restored) Plantagenet: Lancaster 1470–71
Edward IV (restored) Plantagenet: York 1471–83
Edward V Plantagenet: York 1483
Richard III Plantagenet: York 1483–85
Henry VII Tudor 1483–1509
Henry VIII Tudor 1509–47
Edward VI Tudor 1547–53
Mary I Tudor 1553–58
Elizabeth I Tudor 1558–1603
Sovereigns of Great Britain and the United Kingdom2, 3
name dynasty or house reign
James I (VI of Scotland)2 Stuart 1603–25
Charles I Stuart 1625–49
Commonwealth (1653–59)
 Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector4 1653–58
 Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector4 1658–59
Charles II Stuart 1660–85
James II Stuart 1685–88
William III and Mary II5 Orange/Stuart 1689–1702
Anne Stuart 1702–14
George I Hanover 1714–27
George II Hanover 1727–60
George III3 Hanover 1760–1820
George IV6 Hanover 1820–30
William IV Hanover 1830–37
Victoria Hanover 1837–1901
Edward VII Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1901–10
George V7 Windsor 1910–36
Edward VIII8 Windsor 1936
George VI Windsor 1936–52
Elizabeth II Windsor 1952–2022
Charles III Windsor 2022–
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