LinkedIn, the professional networking platform under Microsoft’s ownership, announced on Wednesday that it has surpassed 1 billion members and is introducing additional artificial intelligence features for its premium subscribers.

LinkedIn provides both free and subscription-based memberships

In this illustration captured on February 21, 2023, you can see a keyboard positioned in front of a displayed LinkedIn logo.

Reaching the milestone of one billion users elevates LinkedIn, a platform where members curate resume-style profiles detailing their educational background, professional experience, and skills, into the upper echelon of social media networks. This puts it in the company of competitors like Meta Platforms.

Approximately 80% of the latest members are registering from locations outside of the United States, according to the company’s statement.

LinkedIn provides both free and subscription-based memberships. Users who subscribe to the $39.99-a-month tier will have access to new AI features. These features can inform users, particularly those sifting through numerous job listings, if they are a suitable candidate based on the details in their profile. Furthermore, the system can offer suggestions for profile adjustments to enhance a user’s competitiveness for a job opportunity.

The objective of this tool is to assist users in transitioning “from the previous experience of merely viewing a job posting and feeling uncertain to being capable of making substantial advancements within a single session, ultimately leading to an interaction,” as explained by Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer, during an interview.

In addition, LinkedIn has unveiled a new feature on Wednesday, which is a button designed to condense lengthy posts into concise bullet points tailored to the specific interests of each user. For instance, the takeaways provided to a sales professional may differ from those provided to a stockbroker.

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