The OnePlus Open is the company’s inaugural foldable smartphone, touting the potential for “new possibilities.

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If you haven’t felt enticed to make the move to your initial foldable smartphone, a new contender has emerged to challenge the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Google Pixel Fold. OnePlus has officially named its inaugural foldable device the “OnePlus Open,” and it’s set to debut on October 19th.

e OnePlus Open is being touted as a “flagship phone,” hinting at a powerful premium Android device rather than a mid-range foldable. It’s confirmed to be available in the UK, and you can already reserve one by making a deposit with OnePlus, which not only secures the device but also offers a discount and a complimentary pair of OnePlus Buds Pro 2.

From the image provided, it appears the OnePlus Open will feature the fan-favorite alert slider, which allows users to quickly switch between silent, vibrate, and ring modes. This foldable phone seems to have a book-style design, opening to reveal a larger inner screen. Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, it’s likely to have an outer screen, similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 5, for use when the phone is closed.

The unveiling of the OnePlus Open will take place in Mumbai, India, on October 19, starting at 3 pm UK time. A live stream is expected to be available, where full specifications, features, pricing, and the release date will be revealed.

Book-style foldable phones typically come with a high price tag, such as the Z Fold 5 and Pixel Fold, both priced at a staggering £1,749. It remains to be seen whether OnePlus can offer a more competitive price.

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OnePlus has dubbed the OnePlus Open as the “dream smartphone,” with the aim of challenging the prevailing norms among existing foldable devices. According to Kinder Liu, the President and COO of OnePlus, this phone intends to redefine the balance between display technology, imaging performance, and weight.

Kinder Liu’s statement also included a bold claim that the OnePlus Open features an “imperceptible screen crease.” This is noteworthy as current Samsung folding phones still have visible creases, which are not only visible but can also be felt. If OnePlus has truly addressed this common issue with foldable phones, it could make the OnePlus Open an exceptionally appealing device.

With the OnePlus Open, there is hope that it can combine the strengths of foldable phones while also improving on their weaknesses, such as build quality and camera performance. OnePlus could benefit from a successful launch, and the OnePlus Open may just be the product they need to achieve this.

You can find comprehensive information about the OnePlus Open launch on OnePlus‘ website, and you can even place a deposit now to reserve your own OnePlus Open.

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