Health reporter Fiona Callingham conducted an experiment to evaluate the immunity-boosting advantages of this warm beverage.

"This is what happened to my health after drinking lemon and ginger tea for two weeks."

I consumed lemon and ginger tea twice a day for a duration of two weeks.

As we approach the winter months, which is inevitable, many of us, including myself, often experience seasonal illnesses. After a recent period of poor health, which involved a positive Covid test and recovering from keyhole surgery, I became even more committed to safeguarding my health and well-being against the cold weather.

A few weeks ago, I decided to try turmeric tea to see if it could alleviate some of the post-surgery bloating I was dealing with. Although the results were not particularly clear-cut, this got me thinking: are there other hot beverages I could experiment with to enhance my health?

With many of my friends currently dealing with colds and the flu, I decided to explore ways to boost my immune system. After consulting with a few experts, they recommended a combination of lemon and ginger to help ward off unwanted illnesses.

Matt Durkin, a vitamin expert at Sealions, explained that both lemon and ginger are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which can contribute to strengthening the immune system. He emphasized that vitamin C plays a crucial role in the production of white blood cells, essential for fighting off infections. Additionally, ginger may assist in alleviating digestive issues like nausea, indigestion, bloating, and inflammation.

This seemed like an ideal option for me to try, especially since I’ve been experiencing post-surgery bloating and discomfort from an abdominal surgery I had in early September.

"This is what happened to my health after drinking lemon and ginger tea for two weeks."

According to experts, lemon and ginger tea has the potential to enhance your immune system.
Ginger has the potential to alleviate bloating.

Matt added, “When consumed as a daily hot drink, the combination of lemon and ginger may yield various positive effects. These benefits could encompass improved digestion, enhanced immunity, and potential weight management. Nevertheless, the extent of these changes can vary from person to person.”

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Dr. Claire Marie Thomas from Evergreen Life supported Matt’s assertions regarding the drink’s potential benefits for the immune system and gut. She provided further insights, stating, “Lemon juice has the potential to boost your stomach acid levels, which is essential for gut health. If your stomach consistently fails to produce sufficient gastric acid, it can impact your ability to adequately digest and absorb nutrients, including vitamin B12.”

This information piqued my interest because I experienced a vitamin B12 deficiency years ago and have been reliant on daily supplements ever since.

"This is what happened to my health after drinking lemon and ginger tea for two weeks."

Ginger has the potential to alleviate bloating.

Encouraged by this guidance, I discovered a straightforward recipe for a lemon and ginger beverage. The process involved juicing half a lemon into a cup, adding slices of ginger root, and pouring in hot water. I allowed it to steep for three minutes before consumption. To gauge the results over a two-week period, I consumed this drink twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime.

While some recipes recommend adding honey for sweetness, I found the taste to be acceptable without it. Naturally, I didn’t anticipate immediate changes to my health, and I continued with my regular daily routine, including my dietary choices and sleep patterns.

During the first week of the trial, I was grappling with severe stomach cramps, a persistent side effect of the surgery I had undergone to remove endometrial tissue from various parts of my body.

The stomach cramps did diminish after approximately a week, although they had been sporadic previously, making it uncertain whether the ginger contributed to their relief.

Furthermore, some of the bloating I had been experiencing appeared to ease, but it’s challenging to ascertain whether this was simply a part of the natural recovery process.

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Nonetheless, the primary goal of this trial was to avoid any form of seasonal illness, and in this aspect, it proved successful.

During the two-week trial period, one of my housemates caught a cold with a persistent cough. Typically, I would develop a similar illness a few days later, regardless of our efforts to isolate ourselves.

This time, I successfully avoided falling ill with the same symptoms. Whether this was due to luck or the potential protective effects of lemon and ginger, I’ll never be entirely certain. Nevertheless, one thing I am confident about is that continuing to drink it can’t hurt!

Fiona Callingham specializes in medical research, disease symptoms, personal experiences, and current public health concerns.

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