In a study encompassing almost 12,000 students in 15 different countries to assess their mental health, it was observed that 62% of UK students had encountered daily episodes of anxiety. This percentage ranked fourth globally, following the United States, Brazil, and Australia.

students in 15 different countries to assess their mental health

Numerous students are facing challenges.

According to “The Global Student Survey in the Age of AI,” conducted by education company, less than half (49%) of UK students express feelings of optimism, which is the lowest percentage among the surveyed countries. Around two-thirds of UK students (66%) report inadequate sleep, and more than half (56%) indicate experiencing academic burnout. Additionally, 43% of UK students state they have difficulty meeting people or making friends, ranking fourth globally after Australia, the United States, and South Africa.

These findings are based on an in-depth opinion poll involving over 11,816 undergraduate students aged 18-21 years, including 1,000 students from the UK.

Heather Hatlo Porter, the head of, remarked, “Our survey reveals that students worldwide are dealing with stress, sleep deprivation, and social challenges. There is a critical need for robust mental health support to empower learners to maximize their educational experience and approach the future with confidence.”

Furthermore, UK students are the least likely to utilize generative AI for their studies, with only one in five admitting to using this technology. Among the UK students who employ AI, 60% express concerns about receiving inaccurate information, although 52% acknowledge that it accelerates their learning. Additionally, 36% of those utilizing generative AI state that it saves them time, 34% mention that it personalizes their learning, and one-fifth assert that it reduces the cost of additional tutoring.

A recent survey conducted by LUCY JOHNSTON, the Health Editor, reveals that approximately two-thirds of current students are dealing with anxiety.

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