Ash Ruiz, aged 27, delved into the field of medicinal botany, and the curse served as her motivation to explore alternative medicine. Presently, she employs stinging nettles and various herbs to address her health issues.

A student who opted for herbal remedies and stinging nettles over conventional medicine to address her health concerns claims that she has experienced a significant improvement in her well-being.

'I manage my health concerns using stinging nettles and herbal remedies - I've never experienced better well-being'

Ash Ruiz, aged 27, embraced alternative remedies after immersing herself in the study of medicinal botany.

Ash Ruiz, aged 27, transitioned to alternative treatments after embarking on a course in medicinal botany at Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia, in 2017. Her studies motivated her to explore complementary and alternative medicine as a means of addressing her own health problems, such as using echinacea for digestive issues and mullein for bronchitis.

Ash experienced polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that disrupts ovarian function, beginning at the age of 14. To manage her menstrual cycle, she resorted to using birth control pills.

However, she opted for herbal therapy after learning about its advantages. She experimented with raspberry leaf tea and chasteberry vitex, claiming that these remedies helped her regain her sense of self.

'I manage my health concerns using stinging nettles and herbal remedies - I've never experienced better well-being'

Ash is a herbalist who rejected conventional medicine

Ash has also incorporated red clover and stinging nettle tea to help harmonize her hormones, along with oat straw and Nervine herbs, like lavender, to alleviate anxiety. According to her, these herbal treatments have provided relief for her migraines, irregular menstrual cycles, and anxiety, and she has no intention of solely relying on conventional medicines again.

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It’s important to note that the CDC recommends consulting a physician before starting any form of complementary or alternative medicine.

Ash, who practices herbalism in Woodbridge, Virginia, expressed, “I’ve been prescribed various medications from a very young age, but now I feel more in tune with myself. I was put on birth control at a young age, and now I continually seek natural ways to regulate my hormones. It all began with juice cleanses, but now I utilize teas and tinctures.”

Ash began experiencing irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, and anxiety when she was 14. In 2010, her parents took her to a gynecologist for an examination, which revealed she had “a lot” of cysts in her ovaries.

'I manage my health concerns using stinging nettles and herbal remedies - I've never experienced better well-being'

Ash employs teas, tinctures, and herbs to address her health issues.

She was prescribed the contraceptive pill to regulate her menstrual cycles, alleviate migraines, counteract weight gain, and alleviate severe anxiety, and she used it for a span of seven years.

Ash acknowledged that she “didn’t know any better” until she pursued medicinal botany. Her own health challenges motivated her to explore herbal remedies.

Ash further explained: “I have a condition called PCOS. It’s a hormonal disorder that can be associated with insulin resistance. My primary symptoms were irregular menstrual cycles. From the age of 14, I could go without a period for three to four months. Since my parents didn’t have much knowledge about natural remedies, they took me to a gynecologist, who conducted numerous scans.

“At the time, none of us were aware of better options, so when I was placed on birth control, I simply complied. However, it was a terrible experience from that point forward. I used to suffer from migraines, irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, anxiety, and numerous other symptoms. Birth control only exacerbated my condition, and I didn’t feel like myself.”

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In 2017, Ash enrolled in biology courses at Virginia Commonwealth University and selected medicinal botany as one of her modules.

She found this subject to be intriguing and distinct from other areas of study. She devoted her research efforts to St. John’s Wort, a plant used to address various conditions like depression, burns, and cuts.

Six years later, she continues to pursue studies in herbalism while managing her business focused on medicinal herbs. She uses her friends and family as test subjects for her remedies.

Ash’s initial observation, when she began experimenting with different herbs, was a remarkable reduction in her anxiety. This experience led her to conclude, “This is the real deal.”

Ash employs specific herbs to alleviate the symptoms of PCOS, including chasteberry vitex, St. John’s Wort, and raspberry leaf tea.


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