Apple, the company known for producing Mac computers and iPhones, is set to unveil a plan on Tuesday. This plan will involve offering essential parts, tools, and repair manuals required for fixing its products to both independent repair shops and consumers across the nation at equitable and reasonable prices.

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A visual representation of the Apple logo can be seen outside an Apple store in Lille, France, on September 13, 2023.

This announcement was made by Lael Brainard, Director of the National Economic Council, in her prepared remarks for a White House event scheduled for later on Tuesday. The event will primarily address the “right to repair” concept, urging Congress to enact legislation mandating this practice nationwide.

This event is a component of President Joe Biden’s initiative to encourage competition and address practices like excessive fees, which drive up costs for consumers. The current endeavor is designed to provide consumers with greater authority over repairing their possessions, whether it’s tractors or smartphones.

Brainard noted that California, Colorado, New York, and Minnesota have already enacted right-to-repair laws, and an additional 30 states have proposed similar legislation.

She mentioned that Apple is in favor of a nationwide law and has given its support to the California law. This particular California law mandates that companies must ensure that parts, tools, and repair documentation for consumer electronics and appliances are accessible to both independent repair shops and consumers at reasonable and fair prices. Apple intends to follow a similar approach on a national level.

In the past, Apple faced criticism from advocates of the right to repair, who argued that its sleek devices were challenging to repair and that the company offered limited support for such endeavors. However, in recent years, Apple executives have shifted their focus by emphasizing the durability and resale value of their devices. They have also taken steps to make repairs more manageable and to provide easier access to spare parts.

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In 2019, Apple commenced the distribution of components and instruction manuals to select independent repair shops. Then, in August, Apple publicly endorsed right-to-repair laws within its home state of California.

Reported by Andrea Shalal; Further reporting by Stephen Nellis in San Francisco; Edited by Lisa Shumaker

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