Although there’s a substantial discount available for Samsung’s top Galaxy phone, there is increasing speculation about its successor.

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has received high praise, garnering a rare five-star review from earlier this year. However, its price tag is quite high. This makes a new deal from Samsung noteworthy, as it offers a £500 discount on a brand new S23 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a remarkable Android phone that boasts a large, vibrant, and stunning screen. It also includes the convenience of Samsung’s S Pen stylus, which is neatly stored within the phone for tasks like note-taking, drawing, and navigating apps. Powered by the latest robust processor and equipped with a top-tier camera, including an impressive 10x zoom lens, the S23 Ultra is likely the most feature-packed smartphone available.

Currently, Samsung is offering the S23 Ultra at a discounted price of £749, providing an incredible £500 reduction from the regular retail price of £1,249. To qualify for this discount, you simply need to trade in your existing smartphone. You can determine the value of your phone within this discount offer.

As an illustration, devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Pixel 7 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro will all secure you a £500 discount. While this offer presents savings on Samsung’s latest and greatest, there are rumors of the impending release of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, a phone that is expected to be even more impressive. The S23 Ultra has been available since February of this year, but reports suggest that the S24 Ultra will be unveiled sooner than anticipated, with a launch event scheduled for San Francisco in January 2024. This indicates that there might be only a three-month wait until the S24 Ultra, which is rumored to feature the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, likely to be one of the most potent chips ever used in an Android phone.

See Also:   Samsung has unveiled a new tablet that competes with the iPad and offers three unique features that Apple is not likely to replicate has previously discussed how, for UK consumers, the S24 Ultra may be the sole model in the new Galaxy S series to feature Snapdragon processors. The standard Galaxy S24 and S24 variants are rumored to rely on Samsung’s Exynos chips for UK markets.

The exact extent of the performance boost with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-powered S24 Ultra remains to be seen, but a leaked Geekbench score has offered a glimpse of the potential improvements.

This situation isn’t necessarily negative, but it might provide a compelling reason to hold off on purchasing the new Galaxy device until it’s released. However, if you can secure a £500 discount on the S23 Ultra today, it’s currently available at a highly attractive sale price.

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