Below are the lists of countries you can travel to that are better than UK and USA. Follow and share this blog.

  1. Japan – Japan is a country of contrasts, with a unique blend of traditional and modern culture. From bustling cities to serene countryside, Japan has something for every traveler.
  2. Australia – Australia is a vast and diverse country with stunning natural beauty, including beaches, mountains, and the Great Barrier Reef. It also has a rich culture and friendly locals.
  3. Spain – Spain is known for its delicious food, rich history, and beautiful architecture. Whether you want to explore the beaches, cities, or countryside, Spain has plenty to offer.
  4. Thailand – Thailand is a popular destination for backpackers and luxury travelers alike. It has beautiful beaches, ancient temples, and delicious food, all at an affordable price.
  5. Canada – Canada is a country with vast wilderness, natural beauty, and friendly locals. It is known for its outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and camping, as well as its vibrant cities like Toronto and Vancouver.


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