The Future Global Leaders Fellowship is available to international students worldwide who wish to pursue undergraduate studies in the United States. This fellowship is intended for highly ambitious first-year undergraduate students with modest backgrounds who have demonstrated exceptional resilience and academic excellence. These students must be committed to becoming influential global leaders and understand that the extent of their impact on the world is directly linked to the level of power and influence they can achieve. The Fellowship offers numerous valuable opportunities to its recipients. Its primary aim is to support the growth of the Fellows and prepare them for induction into the Fortis Society.

The Fellowship for Future Global Leaders (FGL) 2024

The Fortis Society’s objective is to unite future leaders, based on their merit rather than privilege, by creating a formidable global network that will assist each other in reaching the highest levels of success, power, and global influence. Upon completing the program, FGL Fellows are welcomed into the Fortis Society, which is the world’s first private network of diverse leaders committed to each other’s success and to creating a better world. To date, our FGL Fellows have excelled in various fields such as finance, entrepreneurship, politics, international affairs, computer science, engineering, and more. The FGL Fellowship officially commences in early August with a mandatory 20-day intensive leadership training program that focuses on a rigorous leadership curriculum and building strong bonds through overcoming extreme physical and mental challenges in the wilderness. You can find additional information about our summer leadership training on our website.

Scholarship Overview

Academic Level: Undergraduate / Fellowship
Provider: Future Leaders Foundation
Study Location: United States
Application Deadline: (Ongoing)

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Scholarship Benefits

The Future Global Leaders Fellowship offers the following advantages to its recipients:

  • The Future Leaders Foundation covers all program expenses.
  • A three-week intensive leadership training program.
  • Mentorship from globally recognized experts.
  • Financial assistance and guidance for an international internship.
  • Tailored career guidance and resources.
  • Access to a powerful international network – the Fortis Society.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Future Global Leaders Fellowship, applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Eligible Countries: Open to students from all countries worldwide.
  • Currently in the second year of an undergraduate program in any field of study.
  • First-generation university students and/or individuals from low-income backgrounds.
  • Demonstrated academic excellence throughout university.
  • Proven leadership abilities, whether through self-initiated projects, school or community leadership roles.

In addition to the eligibility criteria, the admission committee will consider the following traits:

  • Infectious charisma and unwavering strength of character, essential qualities for all leaders.
  • Demonstrated resilience and courage in overcoming challenges.
  • Unyielding global ambition, complemented by a realistic plan, implementation skills, and the readiness to make sacrifices and take risks to achieve extraordinary success.
  • Altruism, evidenced by a commitment to effecting substantial positive change at the highest levels of influence.
  • A strong desire to join the Fortis Society upon completing the three-year scholarship Application.

To submit an application for the Future Global Leaders Fellowship, please adhere to the steps outlined below:

1. Carefully review the website and obtain the honorary commitment form, resume template, and sample application.
2. Utilize the provided link to apply for this scholarship.

For further details and to apply for the Future Global Leaders Fellowship, please visit the official website provided below.

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Official Website

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