Consider studying in the UK and take advantage of the currently available Performance and Elite Sports Scholarships. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of this scholarship program, outlining its advantages and the application process.

The Performance and Elite Sports Scholarships for the academic year 2023-2024 are scholarships that offer partial funding for international students. These scholarships are applicable for both undergraduate and master’s degree programs at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Successful applicants will receive a generous discount of up to £5,000 on their tuition fees, as well as enjoy the use of top-notch facilities.

The Elite Sport Scholar Award is specifically intended for undergraduate, postgraduate, and international students who demonstrate exceptional skills in sports, including performance and coaching. This award is granted based on a combination of academic excellence and sporting accomplishments. Eligible students can apply for this scholarship if they meet the specified criteria.

Scholarship recipients are evaluated on a yearly basis, and they must consistently exhibit their dedication to Cardiff Met’s performance sport and their personal athletic progress in order to continue receiving the benefits of the program throughout their academic journey.

Summary of the Scholarship:

  • Study Level: Undergraduate, Masters
  • Institution: Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Location: United Kingdom (UK)
  • Eligible Fields of Study: All courses offered at Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Program Duration: Varies depending on the chosen degree
  • Number of Scholarships: 32
  • Application Deadline: June 30, 2023

Scholarship Coverage:

  • The Elite Sport Scholar Award offers the recipient the following advantages:

    • A discount of up to £5,000 from their program’s tuition fees.
    • Access to outstanding facilities.
    • Support from highly qualified staff accredited by the UKSCA in strength and conditioning.
    • Sports science assistance in areas such as nutrition, psychology, physiology, and biomechanics.
    • Sports medicine services, including physiotherapy and massage.
    • Engaging in active yoga and recovery sessions.
    • Participating in performance workshops.


Eligibility Requirements for the Elite Sport Scholar Award:

  • Language Requirement: Proficiency in English
  • Eligible Countries: All countries worldwide

To be eligible for a scholarship, athletes must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled or about to enroll in any course at Cardiff Metropolitan University.
  • Participate in a recognized British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) sport and contribute to the university’s BUCS objectives.
  • Compete at an international level or demonstrate a high level of performance in their sport (e.g., national/international/professional).
  • Obtain a recommendation from their National Governing Body (NGB) coach and/or the university’s coach in their respective sport.
  • As a requirement of the scholarship, students are expected to compete for Cardiff Met in BUCS competitions.
  • Represent Cardiff Met at open events and actively engage in promotional and marketing activities for the School of Sports and Health Science. Failure to fulfill these expectations may result in the loss of the scholarship.
  • Must be a full-time student at Cardiff Metropolitan University and possess a valid Student ID Card for the processing of catering or general campus allowances.
  • Payment of the scholarship in the second and third years is contingent upon successful progression to the next year of study.
  • Continuation of the scholarship in the second and third years is subject to the student’s progress in their sport, as determined by the Performance Sport Panel.
  • Generally, the scholarship does not extend beyond the third year. However, consideration may be given to applicants enrolled in four-year programs (including Foundation), as well as those studying part-time and/or pursuing a postgraduate program.
  • The scholarship will not be provided to students who need to resit an entire year unless they have valid mitigating circumstances for all resit credits. Additional information on mitigating circumstances can be found in the Academic Handbook.
  • Applicants must reapply each year by completing a form provided by the Head of Performance Sport.
  • This award is not available to students studying at franchise colleges. Please contact the respective college to inquire about bursaries and scholarships.
  • Students cannot concurrently receive both the Elite Sport Scholar Award and the Postgraduate Scholarship.
  • The scholarship package will be customized to support students in realizing their potential in their chosen sport.
  • The award will be granted by a panel consisting of the Head of Performance Sport, Students Union Sports Manager, and an academic staff member.

To apply for the Elite Sport Scholar Award, please follow the application procedure outlined below:

  1. Complete the application form for the Elite Sport Scholar Award, which can be found [here] (provide the appropriate link).
  2. Submit the completed application form to the Head of Performance Sport. Additionally, include evidence of your performance standards and provide contact details for your coach to facilitate a recommendation request.

Note: An automatic email notification will be sent to you upon submission. If you do not receive this notification, please contact promptly so that we can confirm receipt of your application. Once eligibility is determined, you will receive confirmation, subject to meeting the specified Terms and Conditions. Final confirmation of the award’s receipt will be provided after assessments have been conducted and prior to the commencement of your course.

For further information regarding the Elite Sport Scholar Award,

Please visit the official website.

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