Apple might surprise us this week, with a report indicating that multiple new iPad models could be arriving as soon as tomorrow.

There is a possibility that Apple is preparing to unveil an entirely new range of iPads this week. A report suggests that Apple is on the verge of updating the iPad Air, iPad mini, and standard iPad models.

Hold off on purchasing an iPad, as Apple might be on the verge of releasing an even better product

Is Apple set to refresh its iPad lineup this week?

Following the recent launch of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, there are high expectations for Apple’s upcoming iPads. According to Supercharged, these new iPads could be announced on October 17. However, it’s important to note that these updates are expected to focus on small spec improvements to enhance performance, rather than major design changes or groundbreaking features.

This means that prices may not see a significant reduction. Specifically, the report suggests that the iPad Air will receive a faster Apple M2 chip, the iPad mini will be upgraded to the more impressive A16 Bionic processor, and the standard 10.9-inch 10th generation iPad will see performance enhancements. It’s currently unclear whether the 10.2-inch model, which hasn’t been refreshed since 2021, will receive any updates.

Apple’s iPad lineup is widely regarded as the top choice among tablets available in the market. However, the current range of iPads is seen as somewhat convoluted and intricate for consumers. The various models have names and prices that can be confusing, making it challenging for individuals to determine which iPad is the most suitable option.

The current iPad lineup includes the following models, along with their year of release and starting prices:

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1. 10.2-inch iPad (9th generation, 2021) – £369
2. 10.9-inch iPad (10th generation, 2022) – £499
3. 10.9-inch iPad Air (5th generation, 2022) – £669
4. 8.3-inch iPad mini (6th generation, 2021) – £569

These prices represent the base configurations for each iPad, which come with 64GB of storage. However, it’s worth noting that many users believe that the baseline storage capacity should be at least 128GB in 2023, but Apple typically charges more for higher storage options.

Should the rumors prove accurate, it is anticipated that Apple will raise the starting storage to 128GB and reconsider the pricing of its iPads in the UK, making them a more attractive option for consumers. Nevertheless, the range may still remain somewhat intricate for casual buyers.

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